Our culture

Culture isn't about kombucha in the fridge, the XBox game room, or mission statement posters on the walls. It's about the people in a company, the values they share, and how they work to achieve goals together.

At MDG, we strive for excellence as hard as any other company, but it's the way we get there makes us different. We strive for kindness and transparency, and in the spirit of open-source, we're able to openly give each other feedback in a candid and constructive manner. As a result, we're constantly teaching and learning from each other, and therefore growing both professionally and personally.

Life at MDG

We're a small, tight-knit team. In our San Francisco office, we eat lunch together every day, often paired with a hot sauce carefully chosen from our curated “hot sauce wall” by our in-house expert, Nick Martin (CTO/Co-Founder). For those who are around in the evenings, we also eat dinner together, ordering food from a selection of our favorite local restaurants. We have daily traditions like going for coffee walks on beautiful SF days, and going out to dinner together on Friday, especially when our remoteorites are in town.

Core to our culture is also interacting with our open source community. Once a month we host a meetup for our open source communities, attracting hundreds of developers to our office to listen to talks, celebrate, etc.

Our work culture and social culture complement each other. While we love attending conferences, hosting meetups, and inviting our partners and community members over for lunch, we also enjoy having office movie nights, playing board games at dinner, going out for a Friday afternoon happy hour, and taking the interns to Six Flags.