Our team

We're a small, close-knit group of writers, evangelists, event organizers, designers, product devs, systems experts, and many other things. We accomplish a remarkable amount of work for our size because we're passionate about what we do and we have grand aspirations of making software development as fast, easy, and accessible as possible.

We love building tools for developers because we're all nerds at heart. Many of us come from a technical background. Our founders originally met as undergrads at MIT, and created the Meteor platform after inadvertently writing most of it to power their original idea, a travel app for iPads.

Of all our accomplishments at Meteor, what I'm most proud of is the team. It's a privilege and an honor to work with such a talented and caring group of people.

- Nick Martin, CTO/Co-Founder

Our team

Mark Trang
VP Business Development
Ramen lover, certified rescue diver, adventure photographer, and omelette maker extraordinaire, Mark is in charge of business development and growth at MDG. We're still waiting to be invited to his private social club.
Pierre Carrier
Tech Lead : Optics
While he specialized in distributed systems, Pierre is an expert on a number of other things including typography, strategy games, and keyboards (he's designed his own, the Planck). He's also the fastest talker this side of the Rhine.
Jesse Rosenberger
Core Developer
A California-Helsinkilainen, Jesse has caught bug after bug: DOS, FreeBSD, startups, Burning Man, backpacking, hostels, hostel parties, hostel management, marrying a Finnish backpacker he met at a hostel — and of course, countless bugs in Meteor.js.
Pete Wagner
Core Developer
Pete, our most authentic Canadian, joins our team after coming from Fitbit. He's a core dev and backend engineer who works primarily on Galaxy and loves poutine. We're happy to say we introduced him to Korean food.
Nicole Seo
Core Developer
A Parisian trained pastry chef and French Bulldog lover, you might be surprised to know that Nicole does not have a thick French accent. She does however have a lot of travel stories to share, a great eye for design, and a natural talent for product eng.
Martijn Walraven
Core Developer
Martijn is our Swift expert. When not traveling the world to speak at conferences, he works from comfy Amsterdam. At age 18, he passed his Windows certification test without ever having touched a Windows computer. True story.
David Glasser
Tech Lead : Galaxy Backend
A Guardian of Galaxy and administrator of the world famous “Glasser Code Review”, David has read the source code from more Github repositories than anyone else we know. He's probably also been to more concerts than anyone else.
Chris Shaw
Director of Talent
Chris has recruited talent for some of the top tech companies in the world. He makes sure not only that our company has the best people, but also that our fridge has the best beer. His classic look: a space-themed graphic tee and sport coat.
Geoff Schmidt
Geoff is both our CEO and our SMT (“Sayer of Many Things”). He raised his first venture capital round at age 20, and outside of MDG, is the proprietor of Monument, a 24-unit live/work community. He wins the prize for “Lives Closest to the Office”.
Sashko Stubailo
Engineering Manager
In addition to being an engineering manager, tech lead, and Meteor Forum champion, Sashko is also the office’s resident DJ, tennis ball collector, board game master, and in the minority of snowboarders (the rest of us know skiing is better).
Faby Zavala
Office Manager
Faby has been with MDG longer than most people. She does a ton of stuff behind the scenes, including knowing what everyone's favorite cuisine is, keeping our office running smoothy, and making sure everything in our kitchen is delicious!
Danielle Man
Core Developer
“Chief Monkey Herder 🐵”. Danielle built most of this website, and didn't want to write a bio for herself.
Alisha Ehrlich
When not improving MDG’s processes or supporting our talent acquisition and D&I efforts, Alisha loves to read, play board games, and marathon episodes on Netflix. She’s also an actress outside of MDG and saw the final dress of Hamilton!
Julian Martinez
Technical Support Engineer
Julian is more in-touch with our customers than anyone else, and is the reason they have a great customer experience. He's also the reason we have gourmet chocolate bars in the office, and is the biggest fan of our Emacs mug.
Nick Martin
Nick is a serial hobbyist and has had a wide array of interests over time, from bread baking to perfume making to ham radio and many more. He's our CTO and chief architecture whisperer, as well as our hot sauce sommelier.
Joseph Glanville
Cloud Systems Engineer
From the Australian outback, Joseph has taught us a lot about aussie animals, radio waves, and beer. He's a frequent Pacific traverser, a Guardian of Galaxy, and has brought his expertise on distributed state machines to all of our products.
Tim Hingston
Tech Lead : Galaxy Frontend
Not only is Tim the only person at MDG to have worked across the full stack of all our commercial products, he's also an accomplished guitarist who's toured with several indie bands and appeared at SXSW and on MTV.
Klaire Tan
Core Developer
Klaire joins us from Yale’s CS program. She’s not only built several highly requested features for our commercial products Optics + Galaxy, but she’s the reason we now have kettle corn in the office and she’s been teaching us how to properly throw frisbees.
Uri Goldshtein
Core Developer
You can find Uri and his distinctive hairstyle at conferences all around the world (nickname: “Angular Jesus”). It can be hard to figure out what time zone he's in, but if he's not making OSS, he's probably couch surfing or hiking in the desert.
James Baxley
Core Developer
Normally found in his garden tending his bee hives, James is a believer in cultivating happy and healthly communities. He is a lover of design systems, all things javascript and fixing old land rovers.
Peggy Rayzis
Core Developer
An avid speaker, traveler, and world-traveling speaker, Peggy also loves skiing, sticker designing, and of course building open source software. You may not know that she’s also a former cheerleader, a skilled DJ, and has a sweet record collection!
Adam Zionts
Core Developer
Adam moved from one sunshine state to another to join us as a backend services dev. He brings with him expertise in buffalo chicken cooking, spanish speaking, and bungee jumping. He also joins the minority of snowboarders in the office!
Zhenya Savchenko
Engineering Manager
Zhenya is our reigning office tennis champion, go-to guy for changing lightbulbs, and in-house polite Canadian. He wears many hats, including designer, engineer, product manager, people manager, and general custodian for the Commercial Services team.
Ben Newman
Tech Lead : Meteor OSS
When not maintaining his dog's Instagram, Ben is passionate about pushing the limits of JavaScript with automatic code transformation tools like Recast and Regenerator. He's a Brooklyner, Burning Man regular, and JavaScript guru.
Johanna Griffin
Technical Support Engineer
A Bay Area native, Johanna is passionate about coding, writing and UX, along with finding new rock climbing, hiking trails, and local food. Previously a "dog person", she has recently re-evaluated her position and has adopted two cats.
Thea Lamkin
Developer Programs
When not keeping our communities happy, organizing conferences, or making sure our blog is amazing, you can find Thea skiing, camping, running, biking, BARTing, etc... She’s also the office’s primary consumer of berries.
Matt DeBergalis
FounderVP R&D
Matt runs Research and Development at MDG, so if you don't like our stuff, he's the person to blame. Before Meteor, he founded and ran ActBlue. Before that, he was a kernel hacker. He's also the pilot of his own Beechcraft Baron.
Reza Ordoubadi
Marketing Ops & Analytics
Reza is our resident marketing data analytics expert. When he’s not attending Warriors basketball games, you may find him swimming in the SF Bay around Alcatraz (assuming the sharks don't find him first).

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